Manga Studio Tutorial

I am showing you guys how to create custom pages for your comic book or graphic novel series that will be ready for printing using Manga Studio. I also use these tips when… Continue reading

Third Illustration Art

I’ve been in the zone these past few days and have finished page after page of the next chapter. This chapter will be by far better than the previous one. This chapter will… Continue reading

Another Illustration Art

Another late night drawing of Xavian on Adobe Illustrator. This page completed in my opinion, the bottom panel is still not finished but it’s pretty much done. The hardest part of this page… Continue reading

Illustrator Line Art

Here is a late night drawing of a page in my graphic novel. I’m using Adobe Illustrator for the inking and then when I’m finish the next job will be coloring in Photoshop!… Continue reading

Boritta Norvina

I present to you the newest character, Boritta Norvina. Boritta is based on female crocodiles found in the Nile River in Africa. She has the bodily-figure of a female human but she maintains… Continue reading

How to Draw Xavian on Adobe Illustrator CS6

I’m showing you guys how to draw Xavian Gubora using Adobe Illustrator CS6. This is also a tutorial on how to digitally ink and to create custom ink brushes in Adobe Illustrator CS6.… Continue reading

Page 6 Illustration

Page 6 is a very important page because his an effect throughout the story. This page shows us a glimpse into how the war has effect Xavian’s mental state. Normally Xavian is very… Continue reading

Page 10 Illustration

Not much to really say about this page. This page has important dialogue in it that is not on the rough draft. If you haven’t noticed in these rough drafts is that I… Continue reading

Page 11 Illustration

Page 11 is a bit different. I left two figures without  a face for a reason.  They’re silhouettes of future characters that will be revealed later in the chapter. But they are briefly… Continue reading

Page 12 Illustration

Hmm, I’m guess I will be working backwards. I should be showing you guys the rough drafts in chronological order but I did not think about that. Oh well, here is the rough… Continue reading